James Jones’ daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and is now on suicide watch. The girl’s father boarded the school bus on September 3 and threatened students during a profanity-laced tirade.“I’m going to (expletive) you up. Show me which one! Show me which one!” Jones exclaimed while aboard his daughter’s school bus.

Jones was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function. He bonded out of jail Thursday night.

WFTV spoke with Jones off-camera, who said he wishes kids would understand how much pain bullying and taunting causes other children. His daughter had just begun middle school at Greenwood Lakes.

James Jones is home while his sixth-grade daughter is hospitalized on a suicide watch. He is only speaking publicly through his attorneys.

“It is a deeply-troubling situation that they are going through right now, so they are praying about it and working through it,” said Sadiki Alexander, Jones’ attorney.

Police said Jones not only threatened the lives of students on the bus, he also gave physical threats to the driver. Alexander said Jones felt helpless after a month of bullying suffered by his disabled daughter.

“His daughter has been subject to her peers throwing unwrapped condoms at her, uh, pinching her, hitting her, taunting her for almost a month now,” Alexander said.

The school district will not talk about the case, but said all incidents of reported bullying are investigated. They will not say if or how many times the case was reported to them, but the sixth-grader said the bullying continued even after her father angrily boarded the bus.

“This young lady has been bullied since the first day of school. This is a new school for her. She is currently on suicide watch because of this matter,” Alexander said.

Alexander said Jones has no prior criminal convictions, other than traffic violations. They are addressing both the charges against him and looking into the actions of the school and bus driver over the alleged bullying.


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