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A Kentucky doctor is charged with sodomy after police said he sexually assaulted a female patient.

According to arrest records, Dr. Ashok Alur admitted to the act.

“A female reported that while she was visiting Dr. Alur’s office for a medical procedure, while she was there, she was sexually assaulted by him,” said Oldham County Police Officer Mike Head.

According to the arrest citation, Alur was treating a wound on the victim’s pelvic area when the incident happened.

The report stated, “While he was treating her, he pushed her pants and underwear down and performed oral sex on her. She told him to stop and had to push him away.”

The citation also stated Alur admitted to the offense and said, “He was distracted and tempted and that caused him to do this.”

According to the citation, Alur said it lasted “30 seconds to one minute” and told police he was sorry for the incident.

“He was a great doctor. He took care of my husband until my husband died. Outstanding, outstanding man,” said Bonnie Burgan, who has been a patient of Alur for 36 years.

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