These are trying times with trying circumstances and we have to keep our head above the fray in order to keep our sanity and to function properly in today’s society. Financially, some of us are hurting but we continue to keep our spirits high as we don’t want the added stress of having to deal with other emotional issues that come along with being financially inept. It seems like the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer or they can’t make ends meet. Plus, you have to deal with knowing that the haves don’t care about the have-nots and you have to watch as they flaunt their ‘riches’ in front of you, not understanding the insensitive nature that they display in front of you. But, fret not. You HAVE to stay spiritually, emotionally and mentally strong as things seem to be going in the wrong direction. As Tupac once said, ‘Keep your head up!’

I’ve learned in life that if people feel they have a slight advantage over you in any aspect, they will use that against you at any given moment and prey on that for their full benefit. Is that fair? Well, as we already know, life isn’t fair; you just have to deal with the cards that you are dealt. I’ve also learned that when there is no advantage or nothing to take advantage of, they tend to bother you less because they have nothing to hang over your head. Sadly, this happens mostly in the work place, but it also takes place in relationships and in most circumstances where people interact with one another in a supposedly mutually beneficially situation. Is there ever really a right answer?

There are times or there will be times where you want to either explode or let your true feelings be heard because you have it bottled inside and sometimes, it’s been bottled so long that it HAS to come out or you will become mentally unstable. I would suggest speaking to a good friend or a listening ear so you can at least voice your frustrations. It’s never good to keep it all in. Especially in the workplace where, if it’s a situation dealing with a manager and/or a superior, you will feel that there will be repercussions and retribution if you do speak on whatever it is that is bothering you. Sadly, most companies are pro management and they usually take an approach that will always favor management because they usually have an ‘us versus them’ mindset and/or ‘we have to stick together attitude’. In an instance like that, your options are definitely limited, so be careful in what you hold inside because it will make you less effective in your duties because you will always think this person is out to get you and you will stay defensive when dealing with them.

Take a deep breath when approaching an uncomfortable situation, be it in a relationship, friendship or the workplace. Sometimes, you have to take yourself, mentally, outside the issue so this way you can still see the situation clearly and can still function in the way you need to. Of course, if there is a way you can get out completely, with positive results, then, by all means, do so! You can’t allow another person to destroy your positive mindset because of their inconsiderate nature and/or their selfishness to the situation. The more you let something or someone get to you, the more you leave yourself open to stress and getting sick, be it physically or mentally.

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