Sunshine Anderson will be releasing her third studio album, The Sun Shines Again via Verve Forecast on November 2nd. CentricTV has your first listen to the soul singer’s latest collection! Anderson said about new album, “Because of what I have gone through, I want to give inspiration. I want my fans to know that they are worth more and are better than anything they are settling for.”

Heard It All Before (Soul Life Remix) – Sunshine Anderson ft. Brandy

Lie to Kick It – Sunshine Anderson

She’s been off the scene for quite some time, but now it’s time for the sound of Sunshine with the return of R&B/soul singer Sunshine Anderson.

I know many of you are smiling from ear to ear right now thinking the Charlotte, NC singer’s warm alto, her smoothed out soulful tunes and the streetwise church girl we knew from her mega-hit “Heard It All Before” just a few short years ago. Whatever happened to her? Well, after she disappeared from many of our radars, she had a baby girl and began following another dream of hers. Outside of music and singing, Sunshine says she’s always wanted to do hair. She’s currently also a hair stylist at Blendz Salon located in Midtown Atlanta.

Was there a second album after her successful debut Your Woman (2004, Atlantic Records)? Of course there was, but nobody really got a chance to experience more of Sunshine at Midnight, which was released on January 23, 2007 on Music World Music. Yet she still kept on singing and why? Because good music and even better singing always fines its way to the light of day and what’s more important is that the light keeps on shining for artists like Sunshine Anderson.

Determined to succeed, dedicated to the heart and soul of music and uniquely inspired by her newfound level of independence, Sunshine Anderson is ready to return to us with some serious new energy.

We’ve been holding onto this one for a few days while everyone else wakes up a bit and finally we want to share with you some brand new music from Sunshine’s third project The Sun Shines Again coming November 2nd in stores and on iTunes. We are too excited!

Check out a rare musical throwback from Sunshine Anderson and another ray of light in R&B – singer/songwriter Brandy as they teamed up to add some flavor and flare to an unreleased version of Sunshine’s hit debut single “Heard It All Before.”

It’s the very song that launched her career in 2001 and the duet was recorded the same year. Brandy reportedly joined her on the tune because of their husky vocal comparisons at the time and her respect for the fellow female singer/songwriter who was breaking the mold musically at the time. Do you hear any similarities? Let’s discuss them both on the message board below.


Then the second treat is of course is the brand new single from Sunshine Anderson entitled “Lie to Kick It.” From the title, you should already know this R&B starlet still has that attitude we loved to hear in her lyrics and her singing. She’s definitely one who can tell a good story about love, lies and learning how to navigate the twists and turns on life’s emotional roller coaster ride. So, ladies, turn up those speakers right now, press play and find out why Sunshine Anderson is telling her man why he doesn’t have to “lie to kick it” with her or anyone else. Fellas, y’all take notes on this one, too. Enjoy and have a great weekend courtesy of MOJO 100.3


So what did you think of the new single from Sunshine Anderson? Are you ready for more? Tell us how excited you are for her return by posting your comments below.

Click Here to stream Sunshine Anderson’s new album The Sun Shines Again