Michael Jackson has a list of accomplishments and awards. Check out some of his “firsts.”

1. Michael Jackson was the first person to surpass one billion online video views. His “Thriller” music video that captured the music lovers of the 80’s also caught the eyes and ears of Internet Age, topping in at 443,535,722 online views.

2. MJ is the first person to sell over one million downloads in a week. Following his tragic death, MJ hit the charts once again. To commemorate the life of the King of Pop, children and adults alike flocked to their computers and purchased a record breaking 2.6 million Michael Jackson songs.

3. He was the first person to popularize the “moonwalk.” Others had tried it, including David Bowie and Cab Calloway, but Michael Jackson made it “cool.” The moonwalk was created by mimes Etienne Decroux and Jean-Louis Barrault. While other artists and dancers have performed the moonwalk, no one could do it quite like Jackson!

4. Jackson 5 was the first group to have all four of their first singles hit the #1 chart. Their songs “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” and “I’ll Be There” were so wildly successful that even children of today’s generation know and love these songs. With MJ as the front man of this pop group, they were unstoppable.

5. He was the first black artist to ever have a music video aired on MTV. At the forefront of cable television, MTV was often criticized for their almost exclusively white playlist. After they aired Jackson’s “Billie Jean” music video, though, viewers couldn’t get enough of him.