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Commentators wondered out loud how LeBron James would respond to the heat of Cleveland with his own Miami Heat. They didn’t know if LeBron would choke under hostile conditions, if he would make himself weak and contrite in the face of unprecedented animosity. They didn’t know if the haters would get the best of him.

Well, you can stop asking your questions, because King James showed up in full effect.

James first showed that he wasn’t intimidated by the his new Cleveland enemies by doing his famous “powder toss” in front of a stack of booing fans. The same people who once cheered for the move were screaming in disapproval. His toss of powder into the air was LeBron’s way of saying, “I ain’t scared of non of ya’ll.”

At that point, the rest was history. King James had nearly 40 points after just three quarters, putting a hurting on Cleveland that is rarely experienced by any NBA team on their own home court. Toward the end of the game, James was laughing on the bench with his teammates, watching the third string of the Heat nurse a 30-point lead. The final score of 118-90 was one of the most resounding NBA statements made this season, and King James has made it abundantly clear that his greatness will not be denied.

After the game, James refused to apologize for leaving Cleveland the way that he did. Stating that he has the utmost respect for the organization and it’s fans, he thanked them for seven great years and admitted that he was glad to host his ESPN special to raise money for kids. I applauded his honesty, since LeBron doesn’t owe anyone an apology for exercising his labor rights. At worst, nasty Cavs fans should apologize for being so disrespectful. Oh yea, this was the first time the Heat has won in Cleveland since 2007. They’d lost five straight times to…hmmmm….oh yeah, LeBron James. He gave the world to that city, and it’s shameful that people have shown such disrespect.


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