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While some R&B crooners have had their moment and then faded away, Avant has maintained, releasing his sixth CD, “The Letter” just last month.

The Cleveland-born Avant got his start with Magic Johnson’s label and had a huge hit out the box with his 2000 single, “Separated.” Then he and Keke Wyatt made their own bid for duet dominance a year later with “Nothing in the World.” Avant has since put out several solid efforts and scored a hit in 2003 with “Read Your Mind.” Now he’s back with his own brand of soul and ready to climb the charts again with his new single, “Kiss Goodbye.” 

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BORN: Myron Avant in Cleveland, Ohio.

BIG BREAK: He wrote and produced “Separated” independently, and it started getting airplay on Chicago’s WGCI Radio. Former NBA star Magic Johnson was starting his own label, and the song came to his attention. It ended up on his 2000 debut album for Magic Johnson Music, titled “My Thoughts.”

EDUCATION: Cleveland School of the Arts.

RESUME: Avant has recorded with artists as diverse as Nicole Sherzinger and Li’l Wayne, along with jazz artist Brian Culbertson. He performed his version of the Frankie Beverly and Maze classic “Joy and Pain” for their 2009 tribute album, “Silky Soul Music: A All-Star Tribute to Maze.”

BACK STORY: Like many successful R&B singers, Avant started out singing in the church and took things from there, moving into secular music.


FUN FACT: Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, R. Kelly and Luther Vandross are Avant’s musical inspirations.



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“Read Your Mind”


“4 Minutes”

“Makin’ Good Love”



“Nothing In This World”


“I don’t get tired of people comparing me to R. Kelly because R. Kelly is the greatest of our era, of our time. So me being compared to him is one of the biggest compliments. I just hope I can stay in the game as long as he does or he is now. I want to stay in the game Ron Isley for 50 years.” – (2005)

“It’s easy to make a vulgar song. It’s easy ’cause it rolls off the tongue really easy. Even a little kid walk around cussin’ you can have like, “Man, what are you doing?” Know what I’m saying? But if you think the extra mile, people will respect your music. And they will love it. Sometimes you have people listen to your music and say, “You know what, I didn’t know what you were really talking about until like five months later.” But it’s good to make people think, use their brain. And not just come straight out with it.” – (2006)

“In the music game, especially for myself, it’s a little different because I’ve already got a rapport, I’ve got records. When you come and negotiate with me, you’ve got to come right, because I’ve already proved my point. Capitol came right, and I made that happen. But in the movie game, it’s as whole ‘nother level. Sure, you gotta build a rapport, but it’s much more money. I don’t know much about the basketball game, but I know that LeBron James is holdin’ it down real tough in Cleveland – he’s definitely paid a lot of money.  I don’t think in the beginning it’s about the money necessarily; it’s about proving yourself.  If you prove yourself, then you should get the paper.” – (2007)

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