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Spinderella, Sway Join Forces for McDonald’s DJ Flavor Battle

By Bridget Bland on Jan 12th 2011 8:08PM

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It’s no secret – McDonald’s is one major brand that’s committed to the black community. From their Men of McCafe initiative to their annual 365 Black Awards, the fast food chain continuously looks for different ways to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans.

Last December, McDonald’s and Complex magazine teamed up to curate a list of 12 talented DJs from across the country. The top three DJs, DJ Jayceeoh, DJ Hella Yella and DJ Steph Floss from the East, West and Mid-West were chosen to compete for a grand prize of $10,000.Last night (Jan.11), McDonald’s brought together Def Jam’s platinum-selling rapper Fabolous to host their first-ever Flavor Battle DJ Finale Competition at Arena nightclub in New York City. Famed DJ of legendary hip-hop act Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Spinderella, Miami Heat DJ Irie and Disturbing the Peace producer and former Motown REcords rapper Rich Nice were the celebrity judges for the competition. And, MTV personality Sway was on-hand conducting live Twitter updates from the event on his @realsway handle.

” I commend them for showcasing the world of DJs,”,” Spinderella said. “That’s my world. For them to put their heart into a DJ battle, it kind of helps to cultivate my art and it gives the newer DJs some shine. It’s a really good thing.”

The radio personality, who now appears on Dallas R&B station 94.5, said that being a DJ is no joke. “A DJ is the cornerstone of the industry. A good DJ should be able to rock a party and be entertaining, have the best selections and there’s the technical aspects of the turntable skill level.”

Of course, everywhere Spinderella goes she gets asked about Salt ‘N’ Pepa reunions.

“We just won an Icon Award with BET and I hadn’t spoken to them or talked to them in months before we can get together for that,” she said. “Right now, they are doing a tour and I’m not on it, but I wish them well and I’m supportive of them regardless.”

“That’s my history right there and those are the girls that taught me how to be in this industry,” she added. “You never know, the future might have us back together soon. The doors are open.”

For Sway, being “Twitter Host” of the festivities and bringing his wealth of hip hop knowledge to the table made for a great partnership with McDonald’s. “McDonald’s has really made an effort to reach the hip-hop community and they are really doing it in a honest way,” Sway, who still maintains presence with his ‘Sway and Tech: Wake Up Show’ on the hip-hop radio station Power 106 in Los Angeles and KKUU 92.7 in Palm Springs, said.

“People who grew up in hip hop culture have had some product from McDonalds so it is a natural fit,” he added. “By having DJ Spinderella and having DJ Irie, and Rich Nice, I think it lends some credibility to it and I’m always on the lookout for new talent.”

This year marks Sway’s tenth year with MTV. He’s also managing rapper Saigon and working on a hip hop canvas project ‘When Art Imitates Life’ with OkayPlayer and The Roots.

“MTV has been a blessing. I’ve been there twice as long as Carson Daly was,” he noted. “That’s a big accomplishment.”

“When I came on MTV I wasn’t the first African American to work there but I definitely put my ethnicity up front and wanted people to know I identified with them,” he added.

DJ Jayceeoh from the East Coast ended up taking home the grand prize.

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