Daily SMH: A ‘Light Skin vs. Dark Skin’ Party Near MLK’s B-day? Really?

by Andreas Hale Posted Jan 13th 2011 12:44PM

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A group of party promoters in Ohio have stirred up a bit of controversy when a party promoting the theme of light-skinned women versus dark-skinned women popped up on Twitter.

For some reason we thought that people would somehow get past pitting shades of black against one another.

Apparently, a group of Ohio promoters feel differently.

The Columbus, OH collective were inspired by Twitter hashtags “#teamlightskin” and “#teamdarkskin” and decided that a party themed around the different shades was appropriate for what they deemed as “the most anticipated party of the year.”


To make matters worse, the party is taking place on January 21st, which is just a few days before Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

So basically we have a party that could be coined as the Jigaboos Vs the Wannabees on a School Days 2011 kick. But Spike Lee’s musical number in the film had a message. This party only drives another wedge between light skin and dark skin people. As if we needed help by our own folks to push a black on black bias onto our people. Society and media has done enough of that for us.

Whether it be Senator Harry Reid saying that Barack Obama’s light skin assisted him during his run to be POTUS or prolific artists like Kanye West rhyming about their affinity for the lighter shade of women in the world proves that there still is a lingering issue with African-American image.

The good thing to come out of this preposterous event is that there has been a solid amount of backlash nationwide on Twitter by those who do not appreciate a party that makes a feeble attempt to capitalize on the “Willie Lynch” conflict.

“This might be the most popular failed event ever,” Twitter user YoungTruph tweeted.

Does it offend you?

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