You ever had one of those moments when you had a wedgie or something hanging out of your nose or anything embarrassing that you must abruptly go and adjust before anyone sees?  You think you’re properly hidden behind a rack of clothes or something in the store and you go for it!  Well, this can’t be that type of case! The Detroit Police officer in the video you’re about to see is in plain sight.  Maybe he thought, “I’m in the back of the store no one’s watching.  This is my jam!” Source

You notice him look around a little bit and then bam! it happens!  You’re on Dance Fever with him.  He’s feeling the music and doing his best Michael Jackson impression to the beat.  The video is playing with a song, but it’s also not certain if the music we hear is the music he’s dancing to. Who wants to bet that while he’s in there getting his groove on, he’s being dispatched to respond to a 187?  Ok, ok, ok, ok, just go and check it out:

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