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Police Discover Crack Hidden Inside Man’s Private Part

A Fairdale, Kentucky man faces charges after Louisville Metro corrections officers discovered crack cocaine hidden inside the foreskin of his private part.

Antoine Banks was arrested Wednesday on a drug charge following a routine traffic stop for failing to signal and improper window tint on his vehicle’s window. The 25-year-old man had a bag of salvia on his car seat, a water bottle that contained liquid codeine and a marijuana roach that appeared to have been dipped in the codeine.

The arrest report states that when Banks was booked, he was questioned by officers as to whether he had any drugs, contraband or weapons hidden anywhere on his body, the suspect clearly stated “No.”

When the corrections officers performed a routine pat-down on Banks, they noticed a “small baggie of suspected crack cocaine was tied to the front of the waistband” of his underwear. At that point, the jig was up and officers asked Banks to strip down to his birthday suit in order to perform a more ‘probing’ body search.

After performing an authorized search of Banks’ body, corrections officers discovered a small baggie neatly tucked underneath the foreskin of his private part. The bag contained crack cocaine.

Originally, Banks was charged with second-degree possession of a controlled substance. Now, post-strip search, he faces additional charges of trafficking a controlled substance and promoting contraband.

Now you can say you’ve heard it all!

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