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10 Lies Women Tell

By Anslem Samuel on Feb 9th 2011 3:20PM

At the heart of any healthy relationship are two very important elements-trust and communication. Unfortunately, most couples don’t obtain either because of one simple thing: lying. And we all know that women are the biggest liars around. (Or are they?) In fact, here are 10 common lies that women tell.

1. “I haven’t had sex in a while, but not by choice.”

Women have the luxury of having sex whenever they want because there are very few men that will actually turn down a physical encounter. In the rare case that a woman does come across a guy who says “no,” there’s probably a string of others behind him that will say yes. In fact, any man that hears this lie would probably sleep with that woman right then and there. So if a woman has gone a extended period of time without sex she has done so completely by choice.

2. “I’m looking for a good man.”

Then why do you keep dating losers? Women say they want a certain type of man but oftentimes end up dealing with guys that are the complete opposite, while the supposed “good” guys are left by the wayside. Clearly, women don’t know what they want or what’s good for them. Where do you think the phrase, “nice guys finish last” came from?

3. “I don’t know why I’m single.”

Yes, you do. Maybe you’re too needy, too clingy, too emotional or too crazy. Whatever the case may be, your long line of exes (or even your friends) have probably told you what the problem is. You just choose not to listen and, worse yet, do anything about it.

4. “I look good for my age.”

And what age would that be? The one you tell everyone you are or the actual number of years you’ve been alive? Either way, time will eventually catch up to you and I can probably see it in your face. Sorry, not every woman can have the seemingly eternally good genes of Halle Berry or Stacey Dash… and that’s okay.

5. “I’m over my ex.”

If his name constantly comes up in conversation, then chances are you’re not. I don’t know the brother so I have no reason to bring him up, so that only leaves you… and your baggage.

6. “Size matters.”

No, it doesn’t… At least that’s what the other women I’ve dated said and it’s not like they’d lie about something like that, right? …Right?

7. “I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Translation: “This may take a while.” From changing shoes and outfits 20 times to finding the “right” bag to putting on “my face,” women are notorious for bending space and time to transform what should by definition be 60 seconds into an extended sit down and twiddle your thumbs session.

8. “I have nothing to wear.”

Please, the average woman has more clothes than hair follicles. Still, most women look for any excuse to go shopping and believing they have “nothing to wear” is just a means to another time-consuming end.

9. “You know I don’t normally do this sort of thing.”

The “this” in question is usually some sexual act that a woman would like you to believe is not part of her normal repertoire, but based on her adeptness at said act it’s likely she has experience in this particular area. No complaints here, so I’ll just play along.

10. “We can have sex with no strings attached.”

Yeah, right. No matter how hard women try to “act like a lady and think like a man,” they’re just not wired the same way as men when it comes to sex. It’s virtually impossible for the average woman to separate the emotional aspects from the physical act of sex.

Ladies – do you agree with any of these points, or do you find yourselves victims of frontin’? Tell us!

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