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A Little Known Fact About Your Guy’s Package


Scientists recently discovered that if it weren’t for the fact that humans evolved to be (mostly) monogamous creatures, men would have spikes on their penises.

By Zoë Ruderman

Here’s the explanation from the biologists at Stanford University who headed up the study: We evolved from chimpanzees and male chimpanzees (along with a handful of other animals) have penises with small, hard spines that stick out.

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The purpose of these painful-sounding protrusions is to remove the sperm of competing males when inside the female. But as chimps evolved into humans, who are much less promiscuous than our ape counterparts, guys lost the need to compete for the mother of their children…and also lost the spikes on their junk.

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Kinda gives you a newfound appreciation for monogamy, doesn’t it?

Do you think monogamy is an innate human trait? Or does it go against our nature to be with just one person at a time?

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