Did LeBron James of the Miami Heat deliberately diss the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans again by skipping pregame introductions in Cleveland last night?

Some former fans followers of his @KingJames Twitter feed are ripping him for his no-show act before the Heat’s 102-90 loss to the Cavaliers Tuesday night.

Introducing James at his former stomping grounds would have enabled jilted Cavs fans to loudly boo their former idol. But James, who was furiously booed during his first game back in Cleveland in December, dodged the ordeal by skipping his pregame introduction, then joining the Heat bench while the lights were out at Quicken Loans arena.

His excuse infuriated people even more. James explained after the game, “I was just using the restroom. Am I allowed to do that?”

“Someone should tell @KingJames to man up,” said one tweeter. Another asked: “Could @KingJames be any more of a coward not even showing up for the introductions? Weak.”

The TV announcers seemed surprised. On ESPN2‘s First Take Wednesday, former NBA player Tim Legler said he’d never seen anything like it. He thought it was a deliberate diss by James.