So can you guess which former child star wants to strip down to their birthday suit?

Nope it’s not Urkel! LOL! I don’t know if she’s doing this to get a little media attention for her upcoming book “Peaches & Cream” but remember Maxine from 90′s hit show “Family Matters”? Yep actress Cherie Johnson, best known for playing Maxine, the best friend to Kellie Shanygne Williams’ Laura Winslow wants to drop everything and hit the covers of Playboy.

“I have been threatening my family that I was going to do Playboy since I was 18 years old,” the actress, now 35, told

“When my mom said, ‘Okay’ … and my grandma said, ‘Bring me an autographed copy,’ I figured I’d make it a goal,” explained Johnson.

It looks like she is getting ready . Check out the pic of her and her hair covering her breasts as she is wrapped in the U-S flag. I’d say she’s ready for takeoff for the men …and some women.

via. BMS

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