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FONTANA, Calif. – It’s not often that you hear about an 80-year old woman committing a crime, let alone committing armed robbery. But police in Fontana, California are looking for a woman whom they are calling armed and dangerous.

“We believe there is a granny bandit out there,” Fontana police sergeant, Billy Green told KABC-TV.

Reports say that a woman, who was nine months pregnant, walked out of a Kohl’s and was waiting for her husband when the suspect pulled a gun and asked for her purse. The alleged robbery happened in broad daylight at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

“Females tend to commit fewer violent crimes than males do, and when you compound it with the fact that it’s an elderly, an extremely elderly woman, it becomes even more unusual,” Green said.

The next night, the elderly robber apparently struck again, this time in a Target parking lot. Police said a woman’s purse was stolen and the suspect and vehicle descriptions were the same as the Kohl’s incident.

Authorities are now looking over surveillance tapes for clues.