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Moms are some of the busiest people alive! Taking care of the kids, the house, the dog and holding down your day job puts you in a constant multi-tasking mode. As a wife, mommy and a woman on the move, I don’t always have time for a hair salon visit, even when it’s relaxer time. So in between salon visits, I simply retouch my style.

Here are a few ways that I recommend moms like me to keep their hair looking healthy and fierce, even while on-the-go:

1. Switch it all up – Being a busy mom, finding the time to change your hairstyle can be a challenge. But I recommend using Pink® Original Hair Lotion for any style or texture. It’s the must-have essential to revive weave styles, updos, ponytails and more!

2. Keep your style on point – Right before I run out the door in the morning, I dab a little Pink® Shinin’ Jam on the tapered part of my hair and then brush and smooth it with the back of my comb. Then, I hit it with the back of my curling iron until it’s smooth and looks relaxer fresh.

3. Revive and protect – This summer you might find yourself with the kids at the park or beach where the humidity in the air can frizz up your hair. If you use styling tools to tame your tresses, mist your hair with Pink® Glosser before thermal styling for extra protection.

4. Funk up your look – On special occasions, I like to add some funk to my look. With a bit of Pink® Shinin’ Jam between my fingertips, I simply apply it to pieces throughout the crown area of my hair and then I use the mini flat iron to create spikes, flips and flare.

5. Add some shine – I like to take a few minutes to ‘finish’ my look before running out of my home or office. I mist a bit of Pink® Glosser to give it a brilliant shine. With 10 natural ingredients, you can fall in love with your sensationally, silky hair too!

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