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By Bridget EE

LEDISI {To Bring Forth} how fitting a name of a vocal force that is so great that when heard your full attention will be rendered immediately and what you “thought” was great singing, after hearing her will be questioned in your mind forever. I’m not sure why a talent so great that it has garnered her two Grammy nominations…yet we know and have heard so little about. A talent so great that when she performs in concert for those that many have never heard before, a cult like following immediately after hearing follows. A talent so great that when ever she sings she leaves you with a piece of her and that ironicly prompted me to write this and leave you with a PIECE OF ME. Today is the day that if you didn’t know now your gonna know, the songstress that gave Michael Baisden “everything is everything it’s ALRIGHT”, the one that is about to bring you forth the peace of mind that you were looking for today, I give to you someone that isn’t new but maybe new to you Ms. Ledisi and this is her single from her forthcoming album “Pieces Of Me” ….For More Click

Pieces of Me by ledisi