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New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards is easing the burden of 100 Cleveland, OH high school students and fulfilling his promise to pay for their way through college, a promise valued at $1 million.The Jets player made the promise in 2008, when he told the students he would pay for them to attend any college of their choice if they completed 15 hours of community service and maintained at least a 2.5 GPA while in school.

The students fulfilled their end of the bargain, and Edwards is putting his money where is mouth is and sending each student to the college of his/her choice on his own dime, according to Aol Sporting News. Edwards tweeted over the weekend: “As the 2nd most hated man in Clev & a man of my word, today I will honor a promise made to 100 students in Cleveland years ago. The last of my Advance 100 students will graduate from my program and head off to college on scholarships that I will provide them with. Guys, enjoy and embrace your new beginnings and remember your promise to me, to reach back & help someone else along the way.”

Edwards was a first round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns in 2005, and was traded to the Jets in 2009.