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(blackmediaSCOOP) It’s really hard trying to keep up with airlines and their dress codes but this ish right here probably will come back to haunt US Airways in court. Days before a college football player was bounced and arrested for wearing saggy pants, an older male passenger in women’s bikini briefs and thigh-high black stockings was allowed to fly the same airline.

The call was made even after other passengers on the Fort Lauderdale-to-Phoenix flight complained to US Airways workers. “We don’t have a dress code policy,” an airline spokeswoman told the San Francisco Chronicle. “Obviously, if private parts are exposed, that’s not appropriate. But if they’re not exposing their private parts, they’re allowed to fly.”

Pissed off passenger Jill Tarlow snapped a photo of the unidentified passenger. “I just kept thinking to myself, ‘What if I was wearing that outfit?” Tarlow goes on to say “Would US Airways not ask me to cover up? If a woman was in a stripper outfit they’d allow her to board?”

You may recall University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman, a defensive player for the University of New Mexico was yanked from US Airways flight 488 after police said he ignored an airline employee’s request to pull up his sweatpants that exposed his underwear and his booty. See the incident for yourself below.

Marman was arrested after he refused to pull up his pants. “I think the airline maybe has a market strategy toward drag queens and against young African Americans,” said Marman’s attorney. “A white man is allowed to fly in underwear without question, but my client was asked to pull up his pants because they hung below his waist.”

So what do you think? Is US Airways racist or are people making this more than it is? Should the airline apologize to the young man? Will this help the young man’s case?

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