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CLOSE just got word from a very REPUTABLE SNITCH that actress Vivica Foxx just got LisaRaye FIRED from a movie role.

According to’s insider, LisaRaye was dropped from the “Gang of Roses 2” movie project because of her ongoing beef with once upon a time BFF Ms. Vivica A. Fox. Principle photography is set for late summer 2011. Producers are moving quickly to replace LisaRaye.

What caused the FEUD between the two former friends. Well when LisaRaye was still MARRIED to former Turks And Caicos leader Michael Misick, she used to call up one of her LOVERS (a MARRIED NBA player whose name rhymes with BARRY STAYTON) from the phone at the Presidential PALACE. Her ex-hubby found out about the calls, and LisaRaye believes that it was Vivica who TOLD HIM about it.

DANG . . . We love these two ladies. Can’t they just let the past be the past and go back to BEING FRIENDS!!!


In a recent interview, Lisa Raye called out Vivica Fox for swapping spit in public with her new boy toy but now pics have surfaced of him whispering sweet nothings in her ear…

Lisa Raye: I ain’t no Vivica either, honey. I ain’t with the Cougar sh*t! You know my reputation…She’s not a gold digger and she ain’t gon’ be with a broke ni**a!…

Here’s my thing, you would never catch me like that. You know what I mean? Because that ain’t my style. I mean, like the pictures that they did of Vivica kissing and hugging on that boy. You would never catch me doing that. You would never catch me doing that type of sh*t when I was very young. I’m not doing all that. If I’m doing that type of sh*t, It’s usually when I’m finna do the da-don-da-don!

Damn, what is really going on. Vivica’s publicist responded to Lisa Raye’s comments:

I apologize for having to waste your time by responding to LisaRaye’s comments. However, LisaRaye is the last thing on Vivica’s mind, with all of the catastrophic events going on today in Haiti who has time to be simple. This just goes to show you that an idle mind is an unproductive mind. Please make sure you donate to the victims of Haiti.

Honestly, it would have been best for Vivica’s publicist not to respond at all because if the situation is so small and petty, then WHY did she find the time to respond???

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