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Just because a couple decides to move in together doesn’t mean that you each need to lose your own personal space. In fact, having your designated “chick spot” and “mancave” can be extremely beneficial in domestic partnerships. Just as I like my closet to be my own place, men want their own nook of the house to make as “bro” as they need to. Surprisingly, however, I have found that there are some people who are against mancaves and feel that living together should mean every room is designed with each other in mind. Here are both sides of the story- let us know what you think!

From the “Everyone Needs Their Own Cave” girl: Whether it’s a calender of girls in bikinis or every possible video game known to mankind, men have their own ways of decorating their crash spot. While you might not appreciate their favorite jerseys hung up in the kitchen, leaving their mancave up to them can give you both a sense of independence in your own home. Let him make the basement his own and you will get in fewer arguments about your living arrangements. When he needs to just kick it and do his own thing, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable when he goes to the basement to play some pool rather than the local bar. And let’s face it, if he’s going to come home with greasy take out, dirty shoes, and his best guy friends after shooting some hoops, you’d much rather have them enjoy it in his comfort spot rather than on the white living room couches that you just had dry-cleaned.

From the “Moving In Together Means Sharing All Of Your Space” girl: If you’re moving in together but you still need designated spots of your own, then you’re not ready to move in together. You should design your house together in a way that both of you are comfortable. Setting up your home so that you can be apart from each other when you can’t stand each other is definitely NOT starting off on the right foot. Instead, make your whole home a comfort zone for both of you and you will find that your entire house is your escape.

What are your thoughts on mancaves? It seems to make sense that your own space can provide a sanctuary for you to just kick back. But then again, is designing a mancave setting you up for a relationship with separation and necessary space apart? Fill us in on what you think!!

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