They’re no longer the teenage twins we all watched on “Sister Sister”, now they’re all grown up. Their new show on the Style Network, “Tia & Tamera” premiered last night, and if you missed it then you missed a good one. The show follows Tia and she balances her career with the birth of her first baby with husband Cory Hardrict and follows Tamera as she prepares to marry Adam Housley.

The dynamic of the two sister’s throughout the show is kind of surprising. Though they are twins, Tia admits they have a communication problem. During the show they both seemed to be on entirely different pages, which makes sense since they’re both dealing with huge events in their life.

The drama ensues when Tamera questions whether Tia should be her maid of honor, or her best friend who is helping her with all of the wedding preparations. Though initially Tia was named maid of honor, she seems unable to help Tamera plan her wedding and bridal party because of her career and pregnancy. The twins argue, and have minor breakdowns in the middle of the wedding dress store.

I’m sure the twins will keep us entertained throughout the rest of the season. If you missed the show last night, you need a catch a repeat and watch “Tia & Tamera” every Monday at 9pm on Style.