Don’t tell Jennifer Hudson she got to an alleged size 0 (according to Joy Behar from “The View”) simply due to liposuction.  And definitely don’t talk ish about her husband-to-be David Otunga.  At least not on Twitter.  Because chick will POP OFF.

Check out the fierce twitter fight J-Hud just had with a follower inside…

Jenny Hudson has always been a pretty much open book with her fans and followers, so when she was on a Q/A binge chatting with her followers today, one follower got under her skin with a certain question.

The follower asked, “Did you get surgery to assist in your weight loss? Or is it all weight watchers?”

Jenny’s answer: Pls don’t ask me no more dumb ass questions . If u try ww u would know u don’t need any assistance . U people r so brain wash.

And after more insults/criticisms from the follower, Jen threatened to go Southside Chicago on that ass (read from bottom up):

Oh, and it gets better.  The follower responded calling her a malnutritioned bobble head, went off saying she could only get a gay man as a husband (even though she and David aren’t yet married), amongst other things (read from bottom up):

Twitter remains a celeb’s worst enemy, and a bestie to a nosy chick like me.