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VH-1 should call up TNT for their “We Know Drama” line because boy oh boy they’re in drama overdrive.

The biggest rumor/scoop this week has to be Stacey Dash may not return for season 2 of VH1′s hit show Single Ladies! Word is producers and her co-stars are fed up with her diva attitude on the set!

Peeps close to the show say Stacey stormed off the set during a scene and picked a fight with her co-star Lisa Raye McCoy, which left everyone on the set stunned, because Lisa dіdn’t do anything to provoke Stacey

We’re told it was an intimate dinner party scene so everyone was in cocktail dresses, and Stacey was screaming and running around іn her thousand dollar Louboutins yelling “Nο, I ain’t coming back unless that b*tch gets her as* kicked!” Wow!

For months there have been rumors of tension building between Dash and LisaRaye McCoy who also stars on the show.

LisaRaye who is vacationing in Italy responded to the allegations that she was involved in the drama.

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“Regarding the rumors swirling around Single Ladies, all I know is that we’ll be back with season two, and I have no knowledge of anything else,”

Lisa Raye also had this to say on her FACEBOOK account…

As everyone know I am in Italy vacationing. I was just made aware of the lies that are being spread by blogs that like to create false stories. I was not even aware that Stacy Dash had been fired from Single Ladies. Furthermore if she has been fired that is a network decision. I don’t have the power to get her fired nor do I have any beef with her. Now im going to go continue enjoying my vacation!

LisaRaye isn’t the only one commenting. HOT off of VH-1 inking the show to a 2nd season, now the show’s creator Stacy A. Littlejohn is joining the drama but NO one just comes out to say if the child is fired.

LisaRaye is a very strong woman and we love her, but she does not have that kind of power, nor at any time did she seek to influence any casting decisions. Furthermore, no cast member of Single Ladies has the power to get another cast member fired. the 6th grade back-stabbing that LisaRaye’s being accused of is completely the creation of uninformed, instigating internet gossip. Please don’t buy into it. Let’s just celebrate that we have a Season 2 coming!!!!

BMS is being told that NO permanent changes have been made as of yet… is what VH1 publicity folks had to say “No casting decisions have been made for season 2 of single ladies yet.. Folks….stay tuned!

If Stacey is kicked off the show will you still watch? Who could play Val besides Dash?


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