Back in June we told you about a Philadelphia mom London Eley (seen above) who wrote on her Facebook status “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father”…. (a stack is $1,000 ) well on Monday night the father of her baby, 22-year-old Corey White (in the middle photo) , was shot once in the chest in West Philly. He died on the scene.

Eley, 19 was already brought up on murder solicitation and weapons charges for the murder-for-hire Facebook post, and was in court on Monday when a judge upheld those charges. The alleged hitman -to-be, 18-year-old Timothy Bynum (seen on right) was also arrested. Eley and Bynum have been in jail since police arrested them in June.

Police cannot yet say if White’s murder had anything to do with Eley’s death wish.

Witnesses told cops 2 men pulled up in a brown car. One of the men got out of the vehicle, argued with White and alleged shot him before fleeing the scene.

The brown car that may have been used in the shooting was stolen and set on fire Monday night.

Cops also confirmed Tuesday that White was being investigated as the possible getaway driver in a July shooting outside the Venue nightclub that left 23-year-old Randy Campbell dead.

What do you think happened? Should cops up the charges against the baby mamma & alleged hitman? Would you ever hire someone on Facebook for a hit?


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