T.I. earned himself a quick ticket back to lockup, where he’ll stay until the end of the month.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has announced that T.I. will be held at an Atlanta area prison until September 29. This comes after the Atlanta rapper was thrown back in lockup because of the way he chose to arrive to check in at a halfway house, reported.

The rapper chose to ride from Arizona to Atlanta in a luxury bus filled with his family and friends. Apparently that rubbed authorities the wrong way and he was detained upon arrival.

T.I.’s attorney Steve Sadow told the Associated Press that the Bureau hasn’t explained how the rapper violated any law by riding in a luxury coach bu. Steve also pointed out that authorities in Airzona saw Tip board the bus and didn’t move to stop him. Beyond that, a prison guard actually escorted him to the bus.

Tip’s wife Tiny sounded off on authorities for the detention. “This is a bunch of bulls**t,” she stated to, “they should have said something before he got on the bus. T.I. would have politely gotten into a van.”

She continued, “T.I. is one of the strongest individuals I know, and they just trying to break him in more ways than one and it’s not gonna work! ‘Cause what God got for him, can’t no man take that away period!”