Hip Hop lives and dies on beef’s, so as Hip Hop has matured from wax to television screens so does their beefs. Word on the skreets was that T.I. was supposed to be casted as Davis Maclean in Starz ‘Power Book II’ until he had an alleged beef with the King of Power Universe, rapper […]

The Grand Hustle is tired of taking the silent road and is addressing it now expediTIously ! It seems like every other day someone is coming for ‘The Family Hustle’ Harris Family with accusations of sexual abuse, friends have even turned on them claiming that they were forced to speak up/defend them, their attorney has been addressing […]

None of us are perfect parents and for the record there is no parenting 1:01 book floating around to reference too. The rapper T.I. from watching his children grow up on the Family Hustle would a appear to be an old school dad although he is the King of Trap music, his craft wouldn’t appear […]

Academy Award winning actress/comedian Mo’Nique has been married twice.  Her first marriage was to Mark Jackson from 1997 to 2001, her second marriage is two Mr. Sydney Hicks, whom she married in 2006 and the happy couple is still rolling strong til this date however Mo’Nique had to expediTIously get guidance on how to get […]

The one good thing the coronavirus has done is made people dig deep into their creative juices and that’s exactly what director Deon Taylor has done as it is being reported that the mastermind behind hit movies ‘Black and Blue’, ‘Traffik’, ‘Meet The Blacks’, ‘The Intruder’, just to name a few, has just completed a […]

Taraji P. Henson much like he acting alter ego Cookie Lyon has never been one to bite her tongue even if it may cost her.  Taraji just like Cookie has to work hard not only to prove herself but to provide for herself.  With all of the accolades in recent film history that Taraji P. […]

Rapper T.I sat down for an interview  on a podcast the other day that has social media in a uproar and divided. According to the father, Clifford Harris (AKA T.I.), he goes with his eldest daughter to her gynecologist visits for support and to make sure her hymen is still intact. When the doctor explains […]

On September 25, 1980, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., came into the world and I’m sure when the doctors embraced him during delivery they had no idea the mega force that they had just helped bring into this world. TIP had burst onto the entertainment scene as simply a rapper “Rubberband Man”, although he changed his name to […]

This is a test.  People say they want to see more positive stories on the internet/websites/social media but reality is the trend is the negative stories.  So this is your opportunity to read, like and share something that all of our people need see, and empower our youth for our future in tomorrow. This past […]

Rapper/Actor/Activist T.I. lost his sister and best friend following a car accident recently. It was then that we learned respectfully what a remarkable woman that T.I.’s sister Precious was and not because she was the famous rappers sister but because of what she was to her community, sorority and family. That’s why T.I. went from […]

The rapper partnered with VH1 and the United Negro College Fund to keep his sister's memory alive.

This is what tithes and service is all about when celebrating the day that God gave his only begotten son because he so loved the world, through the resurrection, Easter day, to make possible for our sins to be forgiven.  Not the Easter Bunny with his eggs.  So T.I. and Scrapp gave people more of […]