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T.I. & Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Private Baby Shower

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None of us are perfect parents and for the record there is no parenting 1:01 book floating around to reference too.

The rapper T.I. from watching his children grow up on the Family Hustle would a appear to be an old school dad although he is the King of Trap music, his craft wouldn’t appear to be the lessons of rearing in his household.  However T.I. even as old school as he may appear has been accused of going too far with his parenting when he jokingly said he goes to gynecologist visits with his daughter, a move that he admitted that he shouldn’t have said.  Now T.I. has made another comment about ‘fathers’ spending quality time with ‘daughters’ that is making people wonder did he go too far again?

In recent episode of T.I.’s  “ExpediTIously” podcast T.I. had a discussion on  parenting and the difference between parenting boys and girls, during the interview, when there was acknowledgment that females are treated differently because boys can’t get pregnant is when T.I. dropped this golden nugget then the social media debate dragging began.

T.I. comment as to spending time with daughters:

“Me and Lil Duval call it ‘thot prevention hours.’ You gotta put in them thot prevention hours, keep your daughter off the pole,”

Take a look at the video below

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