Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Victor Ortiz in what people are saying is “A Controversial K.O.”, but to us it was perfectly legal. Victor got EXACTLY what he wanted. The fight was clean the first 3-rounds and Victor couldn’t lay a clean punch to save his life. Before the fight Victor called Floyd dirty, but he took the fight into the dirt when in the 4th, he intentionally headbutted Floyd.

After the headbutt, Victor immediately realized he had messed up and how painfully obvious it was, so he apologized to Floyd. He said sorry, kissed him on the cheek (To much if you ask us) and then gave him a hug. When they came back in to fight… Victor still wanted to apologize. Floyd seized that moment and hit him with a 2-piece that ended the fight with a K.O..

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After the fight was over, Floyd got into a verbal altercation with his biggest hater-critic “Larry Merchant.” We watch all of Floyd’s fights and he is correct, Larry will never give him a fair shake and belittles all of his accomplishments and fights. By the end of the exchange Larry said “I wish I was 50-yrs Younger So I Could Beat Your A$$” and Floyd’s ending was something like he told his daddy:

“You aint sh_t and never have been sh_t… you never give me a fair shake Larry.”

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