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Is there Lust without Love?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to experience Lust without Love? Does it even exist?

Unexpectedly, I have found myself in a major “lust” relationship. I don’t feel it goes any deeper than this. But I’m still surprised to find myself in this situation. I’ve always been the big romantic.

But these definitely aren’t romantic feelings on my side. I know when I’m in love and this ain’t it. It’s more like a weird “crack” addiction. I can’t make sense of it. This isn’t me at all. It’s like major lust without all the frills of love. What the he]] is that? I seem to be getting off on the fact that he’s so chronically wrong for me.

Anyway he is single and I am single. He’s been my flatmate for two years and has made various “lewd/romantic overtures” to me. Sleazy! I would always roll my eyes. I always thought he was a player. I some-what accepted those parameters when I got into this situation one week ago.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if I’m the douche-bag in the room. Am I being unfair to him? Am I behaving badly by enjoying the ridiculous situation? And why I’m I sneaking around exactly?

I don’t know. I ended a relationship at the start of August. I’m still friends with the ex, who has moved on admirably. It is done for him, although I ended it. He was my best friend and probably still is. It was more of an emotional connection and not much physical.

That’s why I don’t know where this new me has come from. Am I hurting this new guy? He’s 30. I always thought he lived and breathed sex in a very superficial way. But with me, there is always a long talk about performance anxiety afterwards from him. What the hell? The performance was amazing. Where is this coming from? What should I say? Why is he worried about his performance?

For me? I’m happy with the situation but I don’t want to hurt any-one. I’m not quite sure how to take all of this.

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