Siameze Floyd Advances on ‘X Factor’ Thanks to His Prince Copycat Routine

by: Amy Sciarretto Yesterday


On tonight’s episode of ‘X Factor,’ we met Siameze Floyd, who claims he wants an energy drink named after him once he attains the level of mega-stardom that he is convinced is his destiny. Yes, he really said that during his pre-performance interview. He was essentially Prince, Jr. once he hit the stage.

With his blown out, fabulous locks that are reminiscent of comedian Kat Williams, his skintight jeans, fitted coat and his small stature, Siameze performed with so much unbridled energy that it was like he down a crate of energy drinks before he took the stage. Actually, he doesn’t need an energy drink. He should just bottle whatever courses through his veins, since it’s limitless and has the same effect.

While Siameze’s vocal ability left quite a bit to be desired, he was dancing like a nimble, acrobatic maniac. Splits? Check. High-legged kicks? Check. Tons of manic energy? Check. The only thing missing were Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kicks. Siameze was a hybrid of absolutely brilliant and completely awful at once, which judge-at-the-time Cheryl Cole acknowledged. Simon Cowell immediately assessed the situation — that Siameze is aping Prince, saying. “It’s very copycat but there is something fascinating about you.”

Yeah, in the can’t-look-away-from-a-car-crash way.

L.A. Reid nixed Siameze, but everyone else gave him a pass. So we’ll get to see more of Siameze. He doesn’t need a siamese twin, either, since he’s borrowing from Prince’s DNA.

Watch Siamez Floyd Perform on ‘X Factor’

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