Usher is in the hot seat and this time it has nothing to do with his relationship. The lauded R&B crooner is being accused of plagiarism in regards to one of his No. 1 hits.Songwriter Ernest Lee Straughter claims Usher’s 2004 smash record ‘Burn’ is a replica of his song ‘Reasons,’ which was recorded in 1998. In August, a California federal judge found sufficient evidence to suggest that the crooner and co-producer Jermaine Dupri had access to Straughter’s original recording. West Coast rap star Warren G is being named as the access link between Straughter and Usher, born Usher Terry Raymond IV.

To certify the accusations, a judge allowed a musicologist’s report to be entered as part of the case. The musicologist demonstrated the similarities between ‘Reasons’ and ‘Burn.’ According to the expert, both songs share a “highly unusual” 18-bar intro. They also showcase similar vocal phrasing, arrangements and melodies.

According to Straughter, Warren G collaborated with both him and Usher, thus being a link to the access of the complainant’s songs.

However, Usher’s lawyers deny Warren had any hand in ‘Burn’s creation and have supplied U.S. District Court Judge Christina Snyder with papers stating so, as well as detailing that the ‘Raymond v. Raymond’ creator had no prior knowledge of Ernest Lee Straughter or his work as a musician

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