The late great singer Whitney Houston proclaimed her husband at the time, Bobby Brown, the King of R&Bat an awards show.  People thought Whitney was trippin and felt that her statement at the time was her prerogative however some years later So So Def producer Jermaine Dupri co-signed Whitney Houston’s statement that Bobby Brown was the […]

According to social media Ray J and the latest Versus set R&B back. As a matter of fact because of the social media dragging Ray J has been taking he went LIVE recently to show that when you know better you do better, well in his case, he went to get some vocal lessons from […]

Cause U-N-I-T-Y is all we need to get our R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and never G-I-V-E U-P, and keep your H-E-A-D U-P and we guess Jaheim isn’t giving up cause he just called out U-S-H-E-R to battle on V-E-R-Z-U-Z on the Gram. Usher hasn’t responded, but he does have 1 month to step up, but the bigger question is, Usher […]

R&B singer Usher started dating his stylist, Tameka Foster back in 2005 right after dropping his Grammy Award winning album, ‘Confessions’.  If you remember, the buzz was, who was this ‘Confessions’ album about, because Usher and TLC’s Chilli was R&B’s hottest couple at the time.  Gossips were buzzin about whether or not Miss Tameka was […]

Usher is about to be a papa for the fourth time. The singer and his girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea, stepped out Thursday night with baby bump on deck. It will be the couple’s second child together and the pair were all smiles as cameras snapped photos. || RELATED: Bye, Bye Baby: Erica Mena Files To Divorce […]

Usher Raymond has a new Las Vegas Residency and already a neighbor isn’t showing the 42 year old R&B singer any love by accusing him of making it rain fake money up ‘In This Club‘. Usher and his crew went out to have a little fun in a Las Vegas strip club, when one of the […]

As the VERZUZ phenomenon continues to grow to larger than life proportions, other than the Instagram Live battles themselves, the hotest topic amongst fans is who’s got next and if that battle hasn’t/doesn’t come to be who would be the winner is they did? Coming soon off the VERZUZ bucket list will be Earth, Wind […]

Great musical producers unlike most singers don’t live in ones genre box, that’s what makes them great, the crossover that has caused a many singers such as Whitney Houston to get drug by their  fan/peers.  It’s difficult for the singer but necessary for survival for the producer.  The constant spotlight can be creatively stifling for […]

Congratulations are in order as it is being reported that singer Usher is singing ‘there goes my baby’ to his new born bouncing baby girl. Usher made the announcement via Instagram feeling like Heaven on Earth that he and his girl friend Jenn Goicoechea welcomed the residency (The Las Vegas Residency that is) Sovereign Bo […]

Some people think Usher’s new “Confessions” track has a line about him copping to herpes but legendary producer Jermaine Dupri says they need to listen closely … cause that was not his confession.  Jermaine Dupri opened up the other day about speculation surrounding “Confessions Part III,” which Usher teased during a live performance. One particular […]

The memorial service for NBA legend Kobe Bryant hasn’t happened yet however last night at the house that Kobe Bryant built and home of the team he spent his entire 20 year career with, the Los Angeles Lakers, had church in their house before they played the Portland Trailblazers, to pay tribute not only to […]

A  mad talented teenager by the name of Jermaine Dupri’s vision of ‘So So Def’