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Dallas Austin x Moet

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Great musical producers unlike most singers don’t live in ones genre box, that’s what makes them great, the crossover that has caused a many singers such as Whitney Houston to get drug by their  fan/peers.  It’s difficult for the singer but necessary for survival for the producer.  The constant spotlight can be creatively stifling for the singer but the low lit box brings creativity to the producer and that being able to stay out of the constant spotlight has allowed Dallas Austin not only to cross many lanes but also to be one on the greatest producers of our times.

Dallas Austin sat down in a virtual interview to talk about how growing up with Kim Porter since kindergarten, being friends with Usher then having the uncomfortable situation of Usher dating his baby mama ‘Chilli” from TLC, plus taking his personal situations and writing them from a female perspective has made him a hit maker for many artists.

Take a listen to how ‘Creep’ for TLC came to fruition because of Usher and Chili’s relationship below.

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