Grammy Award-winning artist Muni Long sat down virtually with WZAK personalities Sam Sylk & Bijou Star! She talked about her humble beginnings, how she got into music writing, and a throwback viral moment!

The film ‘King Richard’ was an incredible film that was deserving of all the accolades and awards it received last year, however on films biggest stage Will Smith’s altercation with Chris Rock unfortunately is what most will remember. ‘King Richard’ was the story of the obstacles that led to the pinnacle of two of the […]

Hip Hop lives and dies on beef’s, so as Hip Hop has matured from wax to television screens so does their beefs. Word on the skreets was that T.I. was supposed to be casted as Davis Maclean in Starz ‘Power Book II’ until he had an alleged beef with the King of Power Universe, rapper […]

The world of Hip Hop as well as fans have been mourning the death of Grammy nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle after he was shot to death by Eric Holder outside of his store. The person who we don’t hear much from is his soulmate and mother of his child actress Lauren London. “I can honestly […]

We all make mistakes however it is what you do with those mistakes that makes the difference, starting with accountability. Cam Newton in a recent podcast opened up about cheating on his girlfriend of 5 years and mother of his children, Shakia Proctor, and bringing a child from outside of the relationship into the world with […]

Spare the rod and spoil the child otherwise when they become grown they might end up getting that spanking that you should have gave them as a child. Mike Tyson for the first time since the his JetBlue Flight Fight went viral, Mike Tyson sat down with lights, camera, action on for Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast, spoke […]

We guess the day’s of owning what you have done, are long gone, the Buffalo shooter’s family say’s it was COVID’s fault now the guy that attacked Dave Chappelle is saying that Dave Chappelle triggered him so he attacked him. Live from Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles, 23 year old Isaiah Lee, gave […]

The topic of mental health for what ever reason has been for years a taboo subject with families either not wanting to talk about it or making the choice to make themselves believe that it doesn’t exist.  The pandemic has made people actually admit that mental health is a thing and that it is important […]

It seems like every week we are hearing something or more seriously about rapper DaBaby being in some kind of violent interaction, one of those was when allegedly DaBaby and crew used his baby mama DaniLeigh’s brother as a bowling ball at a bowling alley.  DaBaby is always singing ‘Oooooo it ain’t my fault ‘ well his […]

Co-parenting can be hard, but the one thing you never want to do is put your child in the middle and in the case of Reality Star/Grammy Award winning singer/song writer Kandi Burruss’s first baby daddy producer Block, it’s an even worse idea to put your child on blast in an interview. In a recent interview Russell […]

We all no what we seen go down between Chris Rock and Will Smith when we either watched Sunday nights Oscars in real time or in social media time.  However there are conflicting stories roaming around blogs about what happened after they went to commercial.  Some reports say the Oscars powers that be asked Will […]

God never gives us more than we can handle, and through his grace and mercy we will make it through, that doesn’t mean it will be easy, 54 year old Grammy Award winning singer Toni Braxton is a testament of that. Toni Braxton, the eldest of the Braxton siblings, has had a ruff go of […]