Panthers vs. Saints

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We all make mistakes however it is what you do with those mistakes that makes the difference, starting with accountability.

Cam Newton in a recent podcast opened up about cheating on his girlfriend of 5 years and mother of his children, Shakia Proctor, and bringing a child from outside of the relationship into the world with model La Reina Shaw.  According to the 33 year old quarterback, Cam Newton his “humanistic mistake” has changed how he views himself as a father as well as how views relationships.

“My longtime girlfriend at the time [Proctor], you know, we had a family. And I made a mistake, I hurt her, and I jeopardized our family at that time and I had a child outside of our relationship. “And, coming from where I come from, being the person who I am, nobody would ever speak on it because we got a lot of people who are in high powers still make humanistic mistakes, and I can honestly say I made a humanistic mistake.”

When you know better you do better and let’s hope that’s the case for the Cam Newton family as a whole…AMEN

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