94th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

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We all no what we seen go down between Chris Rock and Will Smith when we either watched Sunday nights Oscars in real time or in social media time.  However there are conflicting stories roaming around blogs about what happened after they went to commercial.  Some reports say the Oscars powers that be asked Will to leave, Will Smith’s camp say’s that wasn’t the case.  Some say the police came to arrest Will Smith and that Chris Rock refused to press charges.  So what did happen that sad night.

Oscars producer, 47 year old filmmaker Will Packer, was there for the what we did see at the Oscars as well as what we didn’t and for the first time since Sunday, Will Packer is unpacking the real tea.

In an interview with ‘Good Morning America’ Will Packer said that LAPD officers were ready to arrest Will Smith right from his front row seat, but after Chris Rock was asked to listen everything the police had to say about pressing criminal charges, Chris refused to press charges, and Will Smith was allowed to stay in his front row seat.

Take a listen to everything Will Packer had to say in the complete ‘GMA’ interview in the video below.

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