You can’t get to the future unless you know your past so when Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak teamed up to comprise ‘Silk Sonic’ they kicked the door open to prove old school rules supreme as they rocked the 2022 Grammy stage before leaving out the door with a clean sweep picking up awards in all categories […]

We all no what we seen go down between Chris Rock and Will Smith when we either watched Sunday nights Oscars in real time or in social media time.  However there are conflicting stories roaming around blogs about what happened after they went to commercial.  Some reports say the Oscars powers that be asked Will […]

It’s official Kim Kardashian is a free woman which makes Kanye West a free man as well.   Kanye West being the marketing genius that he is didn’t make that plight easy by any stretch of the imagination, as a matter of fact, since filing for divorce both Kanye and Kim have been seeing other people, more specifically […]


Emotions can run high in any workplace, especially the fast-paced food service industry. But one man's inexcusable language has cost him his job as Wendy's fired a former restaurant manager for loudly cursing out an employee.

  Remy Ma was the Queen of the Love and Hip Hop family on VH1, now VH1 is expanding her Queendom. Remy Ma dropped some exciting news via her Instagram, that she will be hosting a new crime series on VH1 titled “My True Crime Story” that will tell the story of a different individual whose “questionable activities” […]


Last week, former police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years for the May 2020 killing of George Floyd. While his sentence marked a historic court ruling, those closest to Floyd are still coming to terms with his loss. Stephen Jackson is one of those people, and during a recent podcast, the former NBA player became emotional while discussing the tragic death of his childhood friend.

As a music and fashion icon, it’s hard for Rihanna to go anywhere without being recognized. That is, unless she’s trying to enter New York City’s Barcade, a popular spot for drinks and gaming.

This story is like a 5.0 remake of Mtume’s ‘You, Me and He’ 2021 RHOA Porsha introduced Falynn Guobadia RHOA friend as an alleged friend of hers, Falynn Guobadia who on television seemed to be living her best life in luxury announced in January that she and her husband, Simon Guobadia, were getting a divorce then […]

The must shocking viral video captured and shared to the world was the killing of George Floyd by a now ex-police officer Derek Chauvin when he called himself detaining George Floyd over some alleged counterfeit money, Chauvin held George Floyd down with his knee in is neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The hero […]

Wendy Williams is back in the news, and it’s not because of her tell all, dragging of her husband Kevin Hunter, biopic, Wendy Williams: The Movie/Wendy Williams: What a Mess!, that aired on Lifetime. Wendy Williams has become the talk/dragging of a heated debate on the COVID-19 vaccine, a vaccine that is said to help lead us […]

WOW, Wendy, How you doin!?  What a mess!! Let’s call a spade a spade Wendy Williams is the Queen of spilling steaming hot piping tea, however her life away from the mic or the television camera never seemed to make it into the tea bag. Well now apparently with the upcoming movie and documentary, ‘Wendy […]

Over 1 million views were pumped to watch the classic showdown of Keyshia Cole vs. Ashanti last night after COVID-19 derailed the original event but with further delay (Keyshia Cole was an hour late) the main event did finally go down. Working music fans were either late this morning or tired as hell because once […]