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OOOOOOHHH!! Now tell me who want to f**k with us?  Ex-Bad Boy rapper Shyne does and someone has got his back on it.

Shyne, before he became a politician, on the verge of releasing his debut album, on the evening of December 27, 1999, he went to a nightclub with his mentor/label boss Sean Diddy Combs and Combs’ then-girlfriend singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. An argument broke out in the club between Combs and another man, guns were drawn, shots fired, and three bystanders were injured. In June 2001 Shyne was convicted of assault, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. On October 26, 2009, Shyne was released and deported to his place of birth, Belize.

Shyne is now Moses Barrow, Belize Music and Goodwill Ambassador,  and is stating hat it wasn’t a secret that he was the ‘fall guy’ for Diddy in the 1999 club shooting and the woman who fell victim to the shooting, that still has bullet fragments in her face til this date is willing to have surgery to get them removed to prove what Shyne is saying is true.

Shyne says as a young man he chose not to snitch and doesn’t need to snitch today because the victim is telling you exactly who shot her. “I’m just saying that I maintain my innocence all this time. I said I was defending myself. I didn’t get into who did what. But the victim is telling you who did what. And another. I understand that there are other witnesses.”

The web around Diddy is thickening by the day.

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