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Metro has announced plans to cut hundreds of jobs in an effort to bolster their bottom line.

A total of 450 jobs will be cut. 150 of those are already vacant and won’t be filled, which means 300 people currently employed at Metro will soon be without a job.

Metro brass Mark Moran says he wants to cut his budget by $30 million. He has already imposed a hiring freeze.

Moran is the same man who is paying several high-priced consultants to fly in from places like Florida and Chicago to work at Metro. He is also still paying one of his former director’s salary even though she no longer works at the hospital.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich will host a press conference this afternoon at his district office in Lakewood to discuss the major developments at MetroHealth.;;playerWidth=630;playerHeight=355;isShowIcon=true;clipId=6293387;flvUri=;partnerclipid=;adTag=News;advertisingZone=;enableAds=true;landingPage=;islandingPageoverride=false;playerType=STANDARD_EMBEDDEDscript;controlsType=overlay

Article Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action News