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One can only talk on the phone and type texts for so many hours a day. So how do you keep long-distance love alive with just a matching pair of iPhones keeping you connected to your honey? Silly question really… with apps of course! Here are several lovely apps to add into your long-distance love life.


The free Instagram app is the perfect way to spice up your everyday photos to share with your long distance paramour. It’s super easy to use and offers gorgeous photo filters that only take a touch of a button to go into effect. Create a gallery and share just with him and her, or share with other friends and family via Facebook and Twitter too.


If you want to take your photo sharing up a notch, check out the free Videolicious app to create short films to share from video footage and photos on your iPhone. Profess your long-distance love by adding special sentiments and songs to your video montage.

Words With Friends

The Words With Friends app ($1.99) is still my favorite way to get a little competitive with my honey whether on the couch two feet away from each other, or with him traveling across the world for business. Use the chat function for smack talk or sexy talk: your preference. This wordy app is a great way to check-in with your beau throughout the day during little breaks at work. Who doesn’t love to play this game?