Music industry fests like CMJ regularly mix a few reunions into their bacchanal of baby bands, but usually it’s alt-rock icons like Dinosaur Jr., which was why the surprisingly unheralded return of ’90s R&B legends En Vogue was such a shocker. Could this be the real En Vogue? The four Oakland ladies who ran the pop charts with a series of sassy smashes and then simply disappeared? Why yes, it could. And damn, can they still sing!

But if the press generally ignored En Vogue’s return, their fans did not, selling out midtown mainstay B.B. King’s to witness what felt like a trial run for a full-on tour. This was an early show, over and done by 9PM on Friday night (Oct. 21) in New York City, which, incidentally, was when the CMJ sked said it would start — and there wasn’t even a live band.

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