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It seems science is always trying to diss the female orgasm. Everywhere you look, there is another article saying that the orgasm isn’t biologically necessary. Well, it may not be, but it’s no “bonus,” either. It’s pretty crucial.

CNN recently had a piece discussing the female orgasm. They posed the questions: “Does the female orgasm, like the male orgasm, have its own evolutionary raison d’etre and contribute directly to reproductive success? Or is it just an awesome bonus?”

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Their conclusion is that the female orgasm — while awesome — serves no real function, but because the male orgasm is so vital to life, it (like nipples on men) is something that both males and females have evolved to have. They may be right. But I still call BS.

This kind of research — even when it comes from a good place — seems to let men off the hook. But here’s a memo: Just because the male orgasm happens to make a baby (sometimes), it’s no more important than the female. Put that in your pipe, dear researchers.

by The_Stir, on Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:41am PDT