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Barbie has just been wilding out over these past few years, huh folks? I’m not mad at it though. While the Mattel doll has always been pretty controversial, over the years, things have become a bit too real for some people. She’s had pregnant friends, had a tramp stamp on her back, inflatable boobs, and now, she’s covered in ink! On top of that, the edgy Barbie also has a pink bob (is that Nicki’s wig??)  and wears Hot Topic-esque clothing with a side of leopard print.

The doll costs about $50, and according to Mattel, is marketed at adults who are fans of collecting the miniature women. As the brand said in a statement, “Barbie has been dressed by more than 70 fashion designers over the years. Many of Barbie’s most pop-culture couture outfits have been designed for the adult doll collector.” While the doll may seem cool for older people, many parents are NOT feeling this new look for a doll that will be seen by their kids. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Queens father Tom Gurry said he would lay the smack down on his 11-year-old daughter if she tried to come home with a tattoo, or the doll:

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