Ladies, today’s dating scene is not the one your mother knew. Today it’s okay to be over 40 and welcome a fine young man into your life. Just be sure you remember these seven tips before you yearn for younger men:

1. Age is just a number

When you spy something you like, whether he’s in a three-piece suit or tight-fitting jeans, remember that you’re gorgeous enough to have any man you want.

2. Be fearless

Don’t let your younger competition intimidate you. You’ve been there and done that, giving you a decided advantage.

3. Shape up

Still self-conscious about a few pesky pounds? Take control: Join a gym, hire a personal trainer, free-weight it with the big boys. What a way to get into shape, you lucky girl.

4. Learn his language

Music, sports, hobbies, cars, NASDAQ … explore his gamut. If it takes learning football stats or playing pool, get in there with a snappy attitude.

5. Be vulnerable

Sure, you’re independent and successful, but don’t let that get in the way of showing your vulnerability. Let him be the hero sometimes.

6. Be sensitive to his vulnerability

He may appear fearless, but don’t let that façade fool you. He’s just waiting for your sexy and soul-filled wisdom to change his fate.

7. Let him teach you a thing or two

Chances are he can’t match your level of life experience, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had experiences of his own. Sit back and learn from his adventures too.

Looking for a young stud? Use an online search to see how young you’ll go.