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Just after a friend sent me an email about how sexy she felt after a pole dancing class, I see “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes dishing on how she felt empowered back in her stripper days.

She told, “I sold a fantasy, not p***y. I felt powerful. I made a ton of money and I couldn’t stop. I went and bought a brand new car, I was paying for my son’s tuition. I thought of the men as an ATM machine.” Now I know why she gets along with Kandi.

Is it just me, or has she told this story before? Anyway, I’m sure there’s a huge diff between playing on the pole and working it, but I can see how you could get caught up in the money and providing a fantasy to men willing to turn over their paychecks for a tease. What do think about Nene’s comments. Do you support pole dancing, either for real or sport?

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Source: MadameNoire