It looks like Prince will be touring again very soon…

Why do I say that?   Well, he seems to be having some financial difficulties and he only seems to tour these days when his pockets are getting light.

After being hit with a $450k tax bill last week, Prince has now been ordered to pay Irish concert promoters, MCD Productions, $2.95 million after cancelling a show at Dublin’s Croke Park Stadium in 2008.

From the NY Times:

High Court Justice Peter Kelly decided to make public a confidential settlement between Prince and MCD Productions after the promoters complained that Prince had not paid them. The original settlement, signed on Feb. 26, stemmed from Prince’s cancellation just a few days before the concert, at Croke Park stadium in Dublin in June 2008, with no explanation. MCD said 55,000 tickets had been sold, it had paid $950,000 to book the stadium and it had already paid Prince $1.5 million. Justice Kelly also ruled on Friday that Marc Geiger, Prince’s agent at William Morris, was not liable. Testifying in February, Mr. Geiger said he had warned Prince of MCD’s frustration, and Prince replied: “Tell the cat to chill. We will work something out.”

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