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Trina stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and chatted about possibly starring in “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” (who knew?) her ex NBA baller Kenyon Martin, blind dates and what she likes in the bedroom:

Do you believe a man can be in a committed relationship and not cheat?

I believe a man can be in a committed relationship but they’re definitely going to slide out and do some other little stuff. It’s just natural.

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On a possible spinoff called “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”

She didn’t deny that a show “might” be in the works but she said she would have to make a decision about whether she would do it or not. Also, she said, “Won’t nobody be throwing drinks in Trina’s face.” I know that’s right…

What if the guy is perfect in every other way and takes great care of you?

Yeah, that’s all good! You can buy a lot of red bottoms, breakfast in bed early in the morning like “Can I hit it in the morning?” All that is good but if they size ain’t right it’s like a waste of a situation.

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