A mother and daughter are speaking out after a brutal attack inside a Walmart nail salon. They have shocking cellphone video of the fight Monday inside Regal Nails located at the Walmart on Centerville Highway in Snellville, Georgia.

17 year old Ashley Corbett, said she was an innocent bystander who wound up in the emergency room. Pictures show how her teeth were shattered and her chin sliced.

“I had nothing to do with it,” Corbett said. “She can’t eat, miserable, in pain,” Gail Dudley, the girl’s mother, said. Witnesses said a woman walked into the nail salon and became upset because of pricing. They said for half an hour or more she cursed at workers and at other customers.

“So something in my mind told me to take my cellphone out and start videotaping,” said Karetha, a woman who witnessed the attack.

“And from there it was off the chain,” said Karetha. “Bowls was flying, glass was flying, hair was flying, braids was flying, weave was flying, everything was flying.”

Ashley was waiting to get her nails done and before she knew it a porcelain soaking bowl hit her in the face and shattered. Witnesses said the woman threw the bowl during the fight and then ran from the store.

“And as I headed toward her all I could see was just blood, she opened her mouth and her teeth were shattered,” Dudley said.

“I didn’t deserve it. It just happened to me,” Corbett said.

“This is how we’re going to have to spend our Thanksgiving, with me healing.” “It’s very important for her to be caught,” Corbett said.

Police continue to look for the woman who started the fight.

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